Tigers-On-Demand is the prepaid service for all your WordPress requirements that you need solved quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. You purchase hours upfront from us and they remain banked with us for you to use as and whenever and however you want to.

Why Tigers-on-Demand?

  • You can keep track of your budget
  • A project management system where you can create multiple projects and keep track of the related tasks
  • You never have to be at a loss when you have a problem, you just need to call PressTigers
  • The hours you purchase never expire and you can use them anytime
  • You can purchase additional hours at any time
  • Your personal PressTigers marketplace account through which you can buy hours upfront and on-demand and bank them
  • Handy record of your purchase history
  • Account of hours you have used and the balance of unused hours
  • Convenient log of all your tasks — those that have been completed and those that still need to be done
  • Non-expiry banked hours
  • Online estimate provided for tasks request by you 

How Does It Work

Tigers-on-Demand is a very flexible service. You can:

Option 1: You setup an account, create project/projects with related tasks, purchase banked hours

Option 2: You ask us to setup an account and we create project/projects with related tasks for each project

Option 3: You buy banked hours and add tasks later

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