Job Board - Search and Sort Bundle

PressTigers now brings you the Job Board – Search and Sort Bundle add-ons for its users!

The search and sort bundle contains 4 Add-ons i.e AJAX Job Search, Google Job Search and Indexing API, Jobs Sorting, and Job Search Box add-ons.

The best thing is, you can get all of them in a single purchase and at a discounted price.

Following are details of the bundle add-ons:

The AJAX Job Search add-on is responsible for making the AJAX based job search on the jobs archive page and job listing shortcode. It is also compatible with Job Level Filter Add-on, Company Details & Filter Add-on, and Job Industry Filter Add-on.

The Google Job Search & Indexing API add-on is responsible to integrate the Google Structured Data against each job so google can identify your jobs. It also does the instant indexing of the jobs on google, which means you can index your job URL instantly on google when you publish/update and remove a job.

The Jobs Sorting add-on adds a sorting filter on the jobs listing page. It will sort the jobs based on job title, posted date, and job deadline date. This add-on is compatible with all job search filters and Job Application Deadline add-on. It will sort the jobs and both ascending and descending order.

The Job Search Box displays a search box with Keywords, Job Category, Job Type, and Job Location filters. On search, it will redirect to the Job Archive Page or the selected page as per settings configuration. You can add it by simply adding a shortcode [sjb_search] on the WP page/shortcode widget.

AJAX Job Search Add-on

Google Job Search & Indexing API Add-on

  • Add options to register your job on google by submitting all fields.
  • Integrate the Google Structured Data against each job.
  • Index your job URL instantly on google while publishing a new job.
  • Index your job URL on google while updating a job.
  • Remove job URL from google while deleting a job.

Jobs Sorting Add-on

Job Search Box Add-on

  • Add job search box by adding a shortcode [sjb_search].
  • Search jobs by their Keywords, Job Category, Job Location, and Job Type.
  • Settings to select the search result page. (Default is an archive page.)
  • Display template either for search bar or widget via shortcode.
  • Compatible with the Company Details and Filter add-on.
  • Compatible with the Job Level Filter add-on.
  • Compatible with the Job Industry Filter add-on.
  • Compatible with the Salary Range Filter add-on.


  • Feature First Release

How to install & utilize the add-on?

  1. After purchase, you will get a link to download in email as well as in your account at the PressTigers marketplace
  2. Click on the link and download the plugin
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and there are zip files of 4 add-ons.
  4. Upload the plugin one by one either through “Add New Plugin” or by uncompressing the Archive and copy in ‘wp-content/plugins’ 
  5. Activate the plugin add-on through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

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