Job Board - 6 in1 Bundle

PressTigers now brings you the 6 in 1 bundle add-ons for its users!

The 6 in 1 bundle contains 6 Add-ons i.e How to Apply, Featured Job Listing, Job Listings Import/Export, Job Board CAPTCHA, Bulk Resume Download, and Resume Preview add-ons.

The best thing is, you can get all of them in a single purchase and at a discounted price.

Following are details of the bundle add-ons:

The How to Apply is an efficient job application tool that controls the application submission mechanism. By using this add-on, one can set resume as required/optional. Additionally one can receive an applicant’s resume directly to one’s mailbox or according to given instructions.

The Featured Job Listing add-on adds featured jobs at top of the listing. This plugin is focused on extensibility and ease of use. You can mark a job as featured from the dashboard. You can search feature jobs through search filters on the jobs listing page and archive jobs page.

The Job Listings Import/Export add-on that not only imports the jobs but also exports them into a CSV and an XML. You can also export jobs between two dates i.e Start date and End date, Job Categories, Job Locations, and Status.

Note: CSV File Must Be UTF-8 or UTF-8 Compatible

The Job Board CAPTCHA is an effective security solution that adds google reCAPTCHA at the bottom of the job application form. This plugin utilizes the popular anti-spam library, Google reCAPTCHA, to help your Job Board stay clear of spam entries. By using this plugin, you can also set reCAPTCHA language from the Job Board reCAPTCHA Settings.

Applicants are required to pass reCAPTCHA verification to confirm that they are not a robot before a job can be submitted.

Note: Simple Job Board CAPTCHA add-on is only compatible with reCAPTCHA v2

The Bulk Resume Download add-on is a very easy-to-use add-on that allows you to download applicants’ resumes/attachments as a Zip file. It also adds the functionality to download the applicant resumes in bulk and/or you can download the resumes w.r.t your preferred dates i.e Start Date & End Date. Another good thing about this addon is that it’s also compatible with our Multiple Attachment Add-on.

The Resume Previewer add-on enables a resume preview feature on the application page. It is also compatible with the Frontend Job Posting add-on. You can also preview the resume by clicking the preview button on the frontend application listing page.

Note: You can preview the resumes having extensions (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt).

How to Apply Add-on

  • Show/Hide resume attachment feature
  • Set resume as required/optional
  • Apply for a job through given instructions/notes or job application form
  • HTML editor for apply instructions
  • Configure the application procedure for global jobs as well as individually against each job

Featured Job Listing Add-on

  • Make the job as featured job from dashboard.
  • Display featured jobs on top of the jobs listing page.
  • Display featured jobs on top of the archive jobs page.
  • Search featured jobs through search filters on jobs listing page.
  • Search featured jobs through search filters on archive jobs page.

Job Listings Import/Export Add-on

Job Board CAPTCHA Add-on

  • Add reCAPTCHA at the end of application form fields.
  • Set reCAPTCHA API keys in Job Board settings.
  • Integrate reCAPTCHA on multilingual sites.
  • Language setting for reCAPTCHA on a multilingual site.

Bulk Resume Download Add-on

  • Select multiple applicants and download their resumes/attachments.
  • Download applicant’s resumes/attachments between selected time period.
  • Compatible with Multiple Attachment Add-on

Resume Previewer Add-on


  • Note Updated add-ons with their latest version.


  • Feature First Release

How to install & utilize the add-on?

  1. After purchase, you will get a link to download in email as well as in your account at the PressTigers marketplace
  2. Click on the link and download the plugin
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and there are zip files of 6 add-ons.
  4. Upload the plugin one by one either through “Add New Plugin” or by uncompressing the Archive and copy in ‘wp-content/plugins’ 
  5. Activate the plugin add-on through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

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