Job Applications CSV Exporter

Are you searching for tool to download applicants’ details in the CSV file?

Job Applications CSV Exporter by PressTigers is an efficient and lightweight add-on that downloads the details of all applicants against every job in the CSV file. You can also download the list with the details of all applications submitted between two dates i.e Start date and End date.

  • Add option to export applications on job listing page.
  • Add option to export application from a selected time period.
  • Download applicant details in CSV format against each job.
  • Download the list with details of all applications between two dates.
  • Compatible with Simple Job Board Mobile App.


  • Feature Added export application option in bulk action dropdown.
  • Feature Added feature to export applications from the selected application filters.



  • Fix Fixed the issue where error occurred while emailing CSV.
  • Fix Fixed the issue where CSV file is not downloadable on Frontend Job Posting add-on.
  • Fix Fixed the issue where in settings CSV headers image is not viewable.


  • Fix Fixed the issue where an error occur on plugin deactivation.


  • Feature Added compatibility with Frontend Job Posting Add-on.
  • Fix Fixed new columns creation issue with string containing comma.


  • Fix Fixed the issue of comma-separated values from rendering the data as a new column.


  • Tweak Added Resume path option.
  • Fix Resolved the resume link issue.
  • Fix Resolved the empty CSV issue in the email once generated from the job listing page.


  • Feature Added an option to email CSV to multiple users.
  • Fix Resolved language file header issue.


  • Feature Added a settings tab to choose label as a header or key based layout.
  • Feature Introduced Headers layout in CSV export format.
  • Tweak Synced application dates format with WordPress settings.
  • Fix Fixed the date range issue while exporting CSV between two dates.
  • Fix Resolved the missing key labels issue in CSV.


  • Feature First Release
Export Applications option on the job listing page.


Export Applicants’ details between start and end dates on the application listing page.
CSV Export Format Settings
Export Applicant Details in Column Format
Export Applicant Details in Column Format
Export Applicant CSV Key Label Format
Export Applicant Details CSV as Key Label Format

How to install & utilize the add-on?

  1. After purchase, you will get a link to download in email as well as in your account at the PressTigers marketplace
  2. Click on the link and download the plugin
  3. Upload the plugin either through “Add New Plugin” or by uncompressing the Archive and copy in ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin add-on through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. It automatically adds option for exporting applicants’ details under job listing and application listing pages.

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