Job Application Deadline Add-on

Are you looking for a Job Application Deadline feature in your Job board plugin?

Job Application Deadline by PressTigers is an easy to use add-on that adds a Job Deadline meta box to one’s job posts at backend. One can set a job deadline date for a job. It automatically shows the closed status for a job after its deadline period. Additionally, one can also enable/disable this module for an individual job from its detail page. This add-on is also compatible with Frontend Job Posting Add-on.

  • Add “Job Deadline” meta box to job detail page.
  • Set job application deadline date for a job.
  • Show close status of a job upon passing its deadline date.
  • Enable/Disable Job Application Deadline feature.
  • Set instruction for closed jobs from job board settings.
  • Compatible with Frontend Job Posting Add-on.


  • Feature First Release
Checkbox to enable Job Deadline and Meta box to add Job Application Deadline date.
Job detail page view with job closing date.


Meta box to add instructions for closed jobs.
Job detail page view for closed jobs with instructions.
Listing page with job closing date/status for list view.


Listing page with job closing date/status for grid view.

How to install & utilize the add-on?

  1. After purchase, you will get a link to download in email as well as in your account at the PressTigers marketplace.
  2. Click on the link and download the plugin
  3. Upload the plugin either through “Add New Plugin” or by uncompressing the Archive and copy in ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin add-on through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. It automatically adds Job Deadline meta box to job detail page at the backend.

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