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Email Application Attachment is an add-on plugin for the Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board Email Attachment by PressTigers is an easy and light weight add-on that sends the uploaded resume of an applicant to Admin, HR & Job Author via email. This plugin is extendible and easy to use. You can directly receive the applicant’s resume in your email. By using this add-on, you can get rid of the website login to receive the applicant’s request. You can also enable/disable receiving the applicant’s resume attachment through email using the global settings.

Note: If you are not getting emails then please install any SMTP plugin and configure it with your email account.

  • Send uploaded resume to HR, Admin & Job Author via email.
  • Send the applicant details to HR, Admin & Job Author via email.
  • Capable of sending attachments to multiple HR email addresses.
  • Enable/Disable the email attachment of applicant resume for Admin, HR and Job Author through global settings
  • Enable/Disable attachment of applicant’s details for HR, Admin & Job Author through global settings.


  • Fix Resolved the email content issue with SJB CAPTCHA add-on.


  • Feature Send uploaded resume & applicant’s details to Job Author.
  • Fix Send uploaded resume & applicant’s details to Job Author.


  • Feature Send multiple uploaded files to Admin & HR ( Compliance with SJB Multiple Attachment Fields Add-on )


  • Feature Send uploaded resume & applicant details to multiple HR email addresses


  • Feature First Release
Email notification settings under Simple Job Board Settings
Email notification settings under Simple Job Board Settings
Email Template for HR. It also includes an attachment.
Email Template for HR. It also includes an attachment.
Email Template for Admin. It also includes an attachment.
Email Template for Admin. It also includes an attachment.

How to install & utilize the add-on?

  1. After purchase, you will get a link to download in email as well as in your account at the PressTigers marketplace
  2. Click on the link and download the plugin
  3. Upload the plugin either through “Add New Plugin” or by uncompressing the Archive and copy in ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin add-on through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. It automatically adds settings for email attachment of applicant resume for Admin and HR under Email Notification Tab.
  1. 5 out of 5

    Ken (verified owner)

    We asked for a change in function and they responded with this update within about 3 days. Excellent.
    Thank you,

  2. 4 out of 5

    Mr L

    We currently have your plugin installed, however we do not need to receive CV attachments which is currently compulsory in the job application form. Is this what we need to get rid of the CV attachment field? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi MR L,

      There are two options:

      1. First, you can customize SJB plugin.
      2. Second, you can buy our paid add-on/extension named “How to Apply”.

      Thank you for using the SJB!


      Sehrish Iftikhar | WP Plugin Developer

  3. 5 out of 5

    Nawid Haidari

    Dear Admin,
    before purchasing this Add-on, up to how many emails can i add in the Email Attachment Add-on to receive resumes attached by applicants.

    and how can i disable the posted date for the jobs / posted applications?


    • Sehrish Iftikhar


      You can add multiple emails for HR.

      For disabling job posted date, please customize the following file using SJB templating:


      Note: Please use the SJB templating instead of modifying the plugin core files directly.

      Thank you for writing to us. Let us know if you need our further assistance.


      Sehrish | WP Plugin Developer

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nawid Haidari

    Dear Sehrish,
    Thank you for the prompt response. how would i be able to redirect the resumes to specific email in different markets.

    for example: we have 5 different markets and each one them has different stores in different places in their market / region, i want to the resumes to be sent to a specific market or district manager in that region/market.


    • Sehrish Iftikhar

      Dear Nawid,

      Multiple HR emails are added through global settings. So, applicant’s resume will be sent to all HRs not to specific one.


      Sehrish | WP Plugin Developer

  5. 5 out of 5


    is there a way to edit the email template that gets sent over from the plugin? we are trying to setup specific rules

    • Sehrish Iftikhar

      Hello Sabih,

      Please create a ticket by clicking on Support navigation menu or contact us at regarding any Job Board query. As this place is specific for product reviews not for SJB queries and concerns.


      Sehrish | WP Plugin Developer

  6. 5 out of 5

    chris.hague (verified owner)

    Worked amazingly out of the box. Money well spent, thanks so much PressTigers!!!!

    Hint: I had a problem and it was solved by using a dummy email address in the admin email address field.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Cristina D

    We need to recieve the CV’s into our email account. However, we need the same form that appears on the free version, so that the applicants could fulfill the form and attach their CV and we receive them on our mailbox.

    So, which add-on do we need? This one or the one named “How to Apply”.


    • Sehrish Iftikhar

      Cristina D,

      You need to purchase Email Attachment add-on from the marketplace. Thanks!

      Let us know if we can help you further.


  8. 5 out of 5

    Carme D

    When you buy it, you just have to pay it once? or it last just one year?


    • Abdullah

      Hello Carme,

      It’s a yearly subscription. You will have to renew the add-on right after one year.

      You will receive notifications to renew in time before expiry. However, the plugin will remain activated and functional but you won’t be able to receive support & updates.

      Thanks & Regards,
      WP Plugin Developer

  9. 5 out of 5



    Can you tell us how to change the text in notification email ? we’re french and it’s in english.


    • Abdullah

      Hello Ketzmart,

      You can suggest translation on WP GlotPress platform. Following is the link where you can translate Simple Job Board in your language:
      Please add translations against each string, once these translations will be approved by GlotPress team then it will be the part of SJB plugin.

      Another Method:
      In this method, you can add manual translations in SJB plugin. Please create a file named as simple-job-board-language_code.po in simple-job-board/languages directory and copy all string of simple-job-board.pot file to newly added file. Add translations against each string into your language. After completing translation task, compile it using POEDIT.
      *language_code: Please find the language code ( WP Locale ) for your language from the following link.

      Thank you for using SJB! Let us know if we can assist you further.

      Thanks & Regards,
      WP Plugin Developer

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